Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Change America's course in Iraq

President's Addressed the Nation calling for a change in course. 20,000 additional troops to secure Baghdad. Not just clear, but clear and hold. I really appreciated the President's honest assessment of the risk this increase will entail. There will be increased casualties, but victory not casualty avoidance is the goal.

I am sure there will be additional call-ups for the Reserves. I just joined a new reserve unit, the 23rd Marine Regiment. I am the assistant communications officer. As always I am ready to serve.

Back home on the Information Warfare front there are plenty of battle to be fought. Later this week I will publish my thoughts on how a distributed network can keep the pressure on the enemy in the information battle space.

But the task for today. Is to support the course set by the President, and continually and thoroughly refute all attempts to sway America from it's path to victory.

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