Friday, November 11, 2005

Celebrating the Maine Corps Birthday in Iraq.

The 230th birthday of the United States Marine Corps was celebrated today wherever Marines congregated. Last year, General Hagee authorized 2 beers and a ration of rum for each Marine in Iraq. Everybody was 21 that day. This year, here's how one deployed Marine celebrated:

Marine Corps Moms: Happy Birthday Marines!

Read it all. Marines take tradition serious and everybody will get there frikken cake. I got it easy here, compared to 2 hot meals a week for some.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

230th Marine Corps Birthday

Today CLR-25 celebrated the 230th birthday of our beloved corps. The regiment gathered to hear the Commandant's birthday message.
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In keeping with tradition the oldest Marine had the first piece of cake, and then passed it to the youngest Marine. After the ceremony the regiment enjoyed a special meal.
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It was the best steak I have ever had in a war zone. This is my first Marine Corps ball deployed. I am very happy to be where I am, surrounded by Marines living up to their name. Flickr Photo

The regiment is making a direct impact on the Global War on Terror and we will continue to do so.

Happy Birthday and Semper Fidelis.

General Lejeune's Marine Corps birthday message

On November 1st, 1921, John A. Lejeune, 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps, directed that a reminder of the honorable service of the Corps be published by every command, to all Marines throughout the globe, on the birthday of the Corps. Since that day, Marines have continued to distinguish themselves on many battlefields and foreign shores, in war and peace. On this 230th birthday of the Corps, therefore, in compliance with the will of the 13th Commandant, Article 38, United State Marine Corps Manual, Edition of 1921, is republished as follows:

On November 10, 1775, a Corps of Marines was created by a resolution of the Continental Congress. Since that date, many thousand men have borne the name Marine. In memory of them, it is fitting that we who are Marines should commemorate the Birthday of our Corps by calling to mind the glories of its long and illustrious history.The record of our Corps is one which will bear comparison with that of the most famous military organizations in the world's history. During 90 of the 146 years of it's existence the Marine Corps has been in action against the nations foes. From the battle of Trenton to the Argonne. Marines have won foremost honors in war, and in the long eras of tranquility at home. Generation after generation of Marines have grown gray in war in both hemispheres and in every corner of the seven seas that our country and its citizens might enjoy peace and security.In every battle and skirmish since the birth of our Corps Marines have acquitted themselves with the greatest distinction, winning new honors on each occasion until the term Marine has come to signify all that is highest in military efficiency and soldierly virtue.This high name of distinction and soldierly repute we who are Marines today have received from those who preceded us in the Corps. With it we also received from them the eternal spirit which has animated our Corps from generation to generation and has been the distinguishing mark of the Marines in every age. So long as that spirit continues to flourish Marines will be found equal to every emergency in the future as they have been in the past, and the men of our nation will regard us as worthy successors to the long line of illustrious men who have served as "Soldiers of the Sea" since the founding of the Corps.

General Lejeune's Marine Corps birthday message

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Project Valour-IT

Project Valour-IT, in memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at major military medical centers. Operating laptops by speaking into a microphone, our wounded heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the 'Net, and communicate with buddies still in the field without having to press a key or move a mouse. The experience of CPT Charles "Chuck" Ziegenfuss, a partner in the project who suffered hand wounds while serving in Iraq, illustrates how important this voice-controlled software can be to a wounded servicemember's recovery.

Project Valour IT - A Soldiers' Angels Program

My family keeps asking what I want for Christmas, friends and coworkers ask if I need anything. This is what I want for Christmas. Donate.

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