Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Warrior Geek.

Why a new blog. I have been activated as a Captain in the United States Marine for duty in Iraq, so I thought I would start a new one just to talk about what I am doing during my tour. I am a mix of Computer Geek and Elite Warrior. So the name seemed to fit.
I turned my first computer on in 1979. I have loved it ever since. However I was the smart but too skinny guy. I remember having the school bullies threaten me to do their homework. I quickly learned to play the two bully against each other. In high school I made a deliberate effort to excel at sports. But the real difference came when I decided to join the Marine Corps. I was already the smart guy. So I wanted to do the most physical thing I could. At 17, I convinced my parents to sign the papers to join the Marines. After a year of college, I turned 18, married Maria, my high school sweetheart and left for boot camp. I love being a Marine. I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Program and became a Data Systems Officer. After 14 years active Duty I decided to get out and pursue a career in computers.
I have really enjoyed being a programmer. I chased a dotcom, consulted for a while, and now I am a Sr Engineer for Apple Computers at the Power School Division in Folsom, CA. I stayed in the reserves as the Commanding Officer of Landing Support Company "B" in Lathrop, CA.
After 20 years I am still happily married. I have four Children, Kevin, Kyle, Kayla and Kelsey, and now I am actived in Camp Lejeune, NC preparing for deployment.