Sunday, December 25, 2005

Homecoming Book

I am looking for a book for the Marines of CLR-25 that focuses on the challenges of readjustment and redeployment. Different books may be appropriate for different groups (Officer, SNCO, etc. Odysseus in America by Jonathan Shay, MD with a forward by Senator Max Cleland and Senator John McCain has been suggested.
The reviews of Odysseus in America are good but I worry that it carries to much baggage from Vietnam. Has anyone read it? What did you think? What other books can you recommend on homecoming ?

Best blond joke ever

This is the best blonde joke ever . Read the whole thing.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Looks a Little Like Christmas

It is beginning to look a little like Christmas, even here in Iraq.Flickr Photo

Lots of goodies from PowerSchool and Cub Scouts. As soon as I open a box the goodies all disappear.

Flickr Photo

All the gifts really help moral here.
Last night all the officers got together for a Gift Exchange including gift "stealing". It was a really good time.

Gift Exchange
Gifts ranged from chocolates, to CD's to the essential toilet seat covers. It was a nice party. Not the same with out my kids, but Marines are always fun to be around. So thank you to everyone who sent gifts. Keep us all in your prayers. Our enemy is still out there looking for his opportunity, but we are ever watchful and ready, even on the day of our Savior’s birth.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

JACOT keeps the cargo flowing

CAMP TAQADDUM, Iraq (Dec. 1, 2005) -- A flight line is full of activity, and can be compared to the verve of a bee hive. The goings-on involves cargo being picked up from aircraft and dropped off at its needed destination, people coming and going and air-traffic flying in and out of the base. For much of the air traffic in Iraq, Taqaddum and its worker bees is the hive that keeps the country buzzing.The service members that make up the dynamic hive are the Marines and Airmen of the Joint Air Cargo Operations Team, Combat Logistics Regiment 25, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward), and are relied on to keep up the relentless campaign on the flight line.

Marine Corps News - JACOT keeps cargo moving with bee hive fervor

Nice story about the red patchers of CLR-25 working on the flight line.