Thursday, July 20, 2006

What one word describes Black Belt to you?

The Family Academy of Martial Arts (aka FAMA) held black belt test last Friday. I was there as the Uke or training partner for Gary Price. One of the questions the board asked was
What one word describes Black Belt to you?

That is what black belt means to me. I am still a year or two away from black belt. For me getting there, testing, learning is all about doing. Doing is actually the largest struggle I am facing personally, and that is one of the things I enjoy about working out at FAMA. Doing. Punch, Kick, Throw, Choke. DO.

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Anonymous said...

And also what I struggled with most. I always wanted to hear instructions 2 or 3 times and break down the movements. Naming off 10 kicks and saying 'GO!!' would drive me berserk*.

I was convinced for a period of time that they actually wanted to see me make myself look stupid. "Why else wouldn't they slow down?", I thought.