Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I am not interested in "bringing the troops home"

I am only interested in the safety and well being of America. I am only interested in victory.
I am glad to see Sen McCain stand tall.
"In war, my dear friends, there's no such thing as compromise. You either win or you lose."
- Sen. John McCain

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Anonymous said...

I honestly hope that even if the Third Reich rose from the dead that we wouldn't fight a single battle without a consesus among leaders and the people who choose them. (And I know that everyday somebody backs out of something they voted for in the first place =/)
It's a bad time when even Sen. Clinton asks questions that makes* a few Generals wiggle in their seat. And that's my own personal analysis.
In fact, there's even an interesting arguement that perhaps Iraq had such a brutal dictatorship in the first place because that's what it took to unite such a violent and already partitioned tribal society. However, I know nothing of Iraq's actually history and how it began. Just a theory I heard amongst the peanut gallery.